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Not so handy after all, wet wipes are terrible for the environment, town sewers, and human health. Avoid at all costs!

Wet wipes, also known as disposable wipes, which are used as an instant soapy, it is also said to be disinfect, and gets tossed after use, nowadays it is become more popular.
It is now common for Parents to carry baby wipes in their bags, instead of carrying diaper and they use them as emergency cleanups. While many adults use so-called ‘flushable’ wipes in their bathrooms for cleaning rather than the normally used toilet paper.
This habit has gone to an extent of being used at Hospital by some of the staffs and at classroom by teachers, whereby they wipe down surfaces with antibacterial wipes. The amazing is that even Travelers are not left behind because they are now stock their bags with wipes for hand cleaning in case they don’t trust their hands or they suspect they have touched contaminated things which are very good in did.
But there are several big problems behind this wet wipes which are not told or know that why we decided to share it with you, such that whenever you use them, you will be aware of what you are using.
1: he environmental disaster wreaked by their global presence
Apart from the fact that wet wipes are technically ‘disposable’ it doesn’t mean they disintegrate; but instead, they are simply dumped off somewhere, where they start to wreak environmental disaster.
In line with that we may be knowing that Most of this flushable’ or rather white wipes contain plastic fibers that are not biodegradable in anyway if they are just left out. As all might we aware of all waste product that is left out in the environment will always end into the ocean, where they make the situation worse as they do not only pollute water also they get ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, eventually die.
2: The horrible results of flushing wipes down the toilet
Many wipe users incorrectly choose to flush wipes down the toilet, clogging and causing it to overflow
When wipes clog sewers, then definitely the overflow happen, or a serious blockage will take place which will cost you extra cash to unblock
3: wipes contain toxic chemicals

< It said and believed that wipes cause rashes in some body parts. This was proven by A Mayo Clinic report cited the experience of one man, a postman, who “had a rash around his anus so painful that he couldn’t walk for months… It wasn’t until he stopped using Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle moist wipes, some of which contain MCI [methylchloroisothiazolinone, a chemical of concern], that the problem cleared up.” Baby wipes contain preservatives and fragrances that should not come into contact with human skin, particularly that of infants and small children. 4: causes spread of bacteria As we said that some hospital staff uses the same wipe to clean multiple surfaces, they end up spreading the bacteria further, rather than eliminating them. Wet wipes have great variability when it comes to killing bacteria, and was more frequently spread across all consecutive surfaces. Sounds like good old soap and water would be a much better alternative. Solution Keep off from the disposables and Make your own wet wipes from pieces of flannel cloth and this can be done as follows: 1. Mix up an easy cleansing liquid 2. 4 cups boiled and cooled water 3. 3 tbsp olive oil 4. 2 tbsp Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap 5. A few drops essential oil, if desired. 6. Store in a spritz bottle in the bathroom for convenient use. Alternatively, stack the cloths in a baby wipe warmer, douse in the above liquid, and keep close to the toilet or change table. Or, just use a bar of soap and a regular washcloth.

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