Ways to keep a good mouth breath/ smell and avoid bad smell

This are the ways that you can do to avoid bad smell from your mouth

    1. Take a lot of water – taking a lot of water will prevent your mouth from getting dry which may cause your saliva getting so concentrated hence giving bad breath once mouth is open.
    2. Eat more vegetables and fruits in your daily meals – when you take meals with fibrous, it help to clean teeth while the vitamins and acids in the fruit and vegetable help to improve Dental health.
    3. Take green tea and black tea – As this tea is able to kill bacterial that cause bad smell.
    4.  Eat food with low Garlic onion – if you want to have good breath you should always avoid food with more garlic.
    5. Avoid smoking – as you should expect smoking leaves bad smell in the mouth.
    1. Brush your teeth and your tongue after every meal if possible – This is the best and effective way of avoiding bad breath or smell as it removes all remaining food and bacteria in your mouth. So even if you do all other precautions and you don’t brush your teeth you will still have bad breath. Gurgle your mouth with water – this help to remove remaining food from your teeth and leaving fresh smell.
    2. Teeth Flossing – as you do this help to remove stacked food from in teeth between your teeth.
  1. Use mouthwash – this will help killing bacteria that cause bad breath.
  2. Avoid keeping your mouth closed –  as this causes bad breath due to in circulation of oxygen in your mouth.
  3. Visit Doctor after every three to six months for check up.

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