Are you trying to get pregnant or to conceive a child

Are you trying to get pregnant or to conceive a child? If so, this article will surely be of help to you.

So let go straight to the point…

Can you remember when you last used worm medicine to get rid of unwanted worms? Surprised? Don’t be!

So now you are wondering what connection worm has to do with the possibility of you getting pregnant. Plenty, that why I will tell you!

Regardless of what anyone will tell you, worms do more harm than you think! Some people say there are good and bad worms. But if there are good worms, I do not know about it so far. Perhaps it is a case of nothing or no one is completely useless. But, personally, I do not see any good in worms – with no apologies to anybody!

You may think am so hash. But, that is because you have not experienced the negative effects of bad worms like many may have experienced! If you have, then you may sound even bitterer than I do!

Honestly speaking, there are different types of worms. But many of them are parasites. In other words, they steal the food that you eat before the food has a chance to nourish and manifest on your body. Much worse, some parasites even feed on YOU! Is it any wonder then that people who have worm infections look pale and thin?

There is no doubt about it that some species of worms can make a person sick. For instance, pork tapeworms can enter the brain and cause seizures. Hookworms grip the intestinal walls in the body and suck blood.

Why parasites is particularly dangerous to your health is that they can enter into any part of the body and cause different problems which mimic other disorders. They Not only do  harm by taking nutrients away from their host, but they also produce toxic wastes (from their excrement and death cycles).

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Additionally, parasites have been blamed in reproductive problems like dysfunctional copulation (or weak male organ), male impotence, premenstrual syndrome (pms), menstrual problems, prostate problems, candida (yeast infection), urinary tract infections, cysts and fibroids, and so on.

It is obvious from the foregoing that the fear of parasites is the beginning of wisdom! There is no doubt about it that the little monsters are very dangerous to your health.

Aside from making people sick, the little monsters are responsible for the unhappiness in many marriages due to the inability of the couples to experience the joys of parenthood. Many marriages have even hit the rocks due to the activities of these little beasts.

It is in your best interest, therefore, to declare an all-out war on worms in general – whether they are good or bad! Even if you do not have problems having children or have long retired from having children, you still want to live long to enjoy the reward for all the hard work that is involved with the upbringing of your children.

So, how do worms get into your body? You can get worms from clothing and bedding, surfaces like tables, floors and doors, cups, glasses, plates and cutlery, sandboxes, food, toilets and bathrooms.

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To get rid of bad worms from your body regularly, doctors often recommend that you should deworm yourself at least twice a year. While it is true that there are good medication that can get rid of worms from your system if you do get them, prevention still remains the best cure.

This is where personal hygiene is very vital. You should have your bath at least three times a day – morning before going to work, early evening after returning from work, and before going to bed.

Other ways to prevent worms from entering your body are as follows:

  1. Wash your hands before eating and after going to the toilet. Also wash your hands thoroughly before cooking meals.
  2. Keep your fingernails clean and short.
  3. Ensure you always keep your face away from your pet – if you have one – while handling it. Also wash your hands regularly after handling your pet.
  4. Above all else, you should be careful of what you eat – because worms mainly get into our bodies through the food we eat. Do not eat just anything. Your body is not a dumping ground for anything that you come across in the name of food.

Cooking can get rid of many worms. So, you should ensure that your meals are properly cooked before serving them for eating. You should refrain from eating many foods that you did not cook yourself.

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There may be other ways that you can prevent worms from entering into your body. However, it all boils down to observing good personal hygiene and deworming yourself twice a year. Also imbibe in your children the same practice.

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