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Simple Procedures to Help You Have a Healthier Menstrual Flow

Simple Procedures to Help You Have a Healthier Menstrual Flow

Image result for Have a Healthier Menstrual Flow In this, women prefer to suffer in silence rather than sharing it with family and friends. It can’t be ignored that every woman is unique and so is her menstrual cycle also expected to be unique. However, many women find some challenges with their periods all of these challenges revolve around from being either the type of flow, quality of the menstrual blood, length of bleeding time all the way to pains experienced during menstruation. A woman’s menses, the flow of blood each month from her body (a normal biological response of the woman’s body) can tell her what is going on inside her and it can also be used to approximate her uterine health. Usually women go through a lot to come up with solutions to help the have a normal and painless and consistency during her menstrual periods. The most common things they focus on doing to help them in improving their periods includes; the flow type, diets and many other things best known to every woman as they also vary from one individual to the other. When you want to correct a number of things that have not been going on well then it is possible, only that it is going to take a lot of time for those of us who are not so patient and are eager to see the changes almost immediately, It usually takes an average of 12 weeks of natural therapies to bring about change in your menstrual cycle, so patient is a mandatory for every one that wants to follow the natural way. It can also be noted that this 12 weeks period of waiting can also be referred to as the length of time taken to have the body restart again and this time operating differently although not entirely different. Flow types include;
 Bright red (it is the normal one).  Heavy  Mid- cycle spotting  Dark/purple/black  Absent  Light  Clotty Procedures are involved in the correction part of your menstrual cycles, and one is first required to take note of her flow and how it leaves her feeling afterwards, the length of time that it usually takes, the color of the blood and lastly consistency. Dark/ clotty blood is a clear indication of uterine stagnation, clots may also be an indicator of a number of issues like endometriosis or uterine fibroids, especially if the period is painful. Very light blood is a clear indicator of a poor circulation to the uterus or the low hormone levels. Heavy menstrual blood should sight as an indicator of an imbalance in the estrogen to progesterone ratio. Mid-cycle spotting may also show that there are a number of issues taking place some exciting or worrisome in the body. Some foods are said to cause stagnation in the uterus such include; dairy products, red meat, processed carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol should not be totally avoided but should be used in very small quantities. Water intake is important since dehydration causes abnormal conditions that will lead to making the menstrual blood sticky, stringy and clotty, at least 8 glasses of purified water everyday will help, Plastic bottles should be avoided since they may cause hormonal imbalance. Moving would also be useful, either you are doing exercise or just taking a normal walk you are helping your system especially when moving your legs and hips because moving the pelvis, which holds the reproductive organs will be useful in keeping the muscles and reproductive organs properly aligned. And as informed earlier the results should be expected in 12 weeks’ time, and by this time you should be experiencing healthier menstruation but if nothing changes then you should consider visiting a physician for a medical checkup.

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