side effects of being inked or having a tattoo on any part of your body

The side effects of being inked or having a tattoo drawing on any part of your body.

Having a tattoo now or later on it sounds cool, right? It is estimated that nearly 65% of all the humans in their teenage years have thought of and at some point even tried having a drawing or as it is famously known as a tattoo in their body. Some which are generally a few as compared to the ones that thought of having tattoos even went ahead and got some permanent drawings in their bodies.

Out of all the people who have had a tattoo drawing or piercing (especially of the male gender) most of them regret come to regret their decisions much later in life when they are now older, have families, probably having a decent source of income, have a greater circle of friends, has already known which friend to keep and which one to let go. They come to blame the adolescent stage that happens to coincide with when his or her wishes of having a tattoo drawing in their body advanced. They mostly say that if they are given a second chance to make the decision of whether he or she will have a permanent tattoo drawing in his or her body, the answer will probably be ‘NO!’ a big one in fact.

Funny enough they almost have the same reason of regretting having tattoo drawings in their bodies, the all say that it is childish and seems immature to have a tattoo drawing displayed in your body whether permanent or temporary they are all a sign of immaturity. How they arrived to this decision should not be a mystery, probably either the tattoo came at an expense of costing the guy some trust from where he or she needed it the most or even it may have denied the man a very important opportunity whether job or business opportunities, and may have over heard the guys from the other side of the table saying that, “this man is not grown at all” or something like, “ she does not seem so responsible and presentable” therefore they cannot hand him or her the opportunity he or she needed the most. Let us leave this discussion at that point all I wanted was to sink a point or two in your head that it is not because of health related factors that lead to such regret but rather it is more of social related factors.

Not because they are 100% safe from the effects of having a tattoo drawing in their bodies but it is because they are poorly or not informed at all about the health risks that come along with having a tattoo drawing.

An ignorant man will surely die like one, with no respect and so ignorantly. I am also forced to say that an educated mind is a healthy body. Getting inked or having a tattoo drawing for most people is acceptable nowadays, it is actually gaining popularity every day… every minute… every second…

Summarized history of tattoos

Tattoos sounds like a new thing in town every group of teenagers are talking about having a tattoo or even having two or more. But trust me; it has been around for over thousands of years; let us say for example in the ancient Egypt, it was used to identify peasants and salves. And in the warlike tribes of Samoa and other Pacific Islands, extensive tattooing was proudly exhibited as a display or a show off of courage, endurance, and dedication to their cultural traditions. And in Japan, tattooing was for decorative and spiritual purposes is believed to date from as far back as from the 10,000 BC but in modern day Japan, tattoos have long been associated with the ‘yakuza’ the Japan’s notorious criminal underworld (something negative, and not all are proud to be associated with it but some are still very proud of being associated with the ‘yakuza’).

Effects that tattoos bring along to our health

 side effects of being inked or having a tattoo on any part of your body

As we know that tattoos are made by needles to inject colored inks below the skin’s surface so as to bring the desired image.

Here are some of the health risks associated with tattooing and they may include infections, allergies, scaring, granulomas (these are small knots or bumps that can form around particles of tattoo pigment), and also it may cause MRI complications such as swelling or burning when people with tattoos undergo an MRI.

A lot of research has been done by scientists all over the world trying to figure out the effects that might be as a result of the pigment and research has shown that some of the pigments moves from the sight at which it was tattooed or we can even call it the tattoo site and it moves all the way to the body’s lymph nodes which form the lymphatic system it later drains in to the blood through the lymphatic system but still the risk that comes hand in hand with ingesting the ink into the blood vessels through the lymphatic system is still unknown but scientists warn it may be dangerous.

Some of the conditions that are obviously associated with the ink according to Mayo clinic in the United States of America, tattoo ink may cause allergic reactions and some sought of skin infections and it might also be shocking to learn that it may cause some dangerous blood- borne diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Benzo(a)pyrene and cancer- inducing components in tattoo ink, there are health concerns about the presence of chemicals in the tattoos first emerged when the studies showed that benzo(a)pyrene (this is one of the chemicals used in black tattoo ink) it could induce some skin cancer as tested in animals.

Even worst benzo(a)pyrene, which is originally found in coal tar it is listed as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). This should raise an alarm that having a tattoo in your body may indirectly mean that you are making yourself prone and vulnerable to skin cancer. Having a tattoo is something will surely be proud of but later on when skin cancer sets in, you will not be proud of it. You will start blame game, you will hate everyone who was around and never told you ( like if it was their responsibility informing you), you will start using the phrase, “I wish I knew”. You will surely see your life coming down to you and left with little to no option, you will know go to the internet and find out more. It will not help you but it will be necessary to help the person right next to you, why don’t you take an initiative right away before it is too late and you will have to die like an ignorant man?

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