Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Stretch Marks at home

Believe me or not Pregnancy is one of the best moments in a woman’s life and a family as a whole, however as everything has its own advantages and disadvantages pregnancy also comes with its own disadvantages and stretch marks is one of them, but keep in mind that stretch marks does not only affect women but also men to as we discussed on our previous article. Which we discussed about stretch marks as a whole but due, many questions posted to us on how to treat stretch marks in pregnancy we though it is very important to share our ideas on how to treat stretch marks after pregnancy. And here is the good news for you! In this article you will get to know how to get rid of them by following simple home remedies treatment.

Stretch marks usually take place when your body suddenly gains or loses excess weight. During pregnancy, with the baby growing inside the womb, the skin stretches beyond its capacity, leading to those ugly looking stretch marks. It is always better to treat them as early as possible. That’s because when the stretch marks are at an early stage, they respond best to any treatment.

Out, there are many chemical and surgical treatments available to remove stretch marks like vascular laser, fractional laser treatment, tummy tuck you can name them. However, these treatments have a lot of risks and not only risk but they are so expensive. That why we want to share life hacks, for home remedies which are as effective as you want.

Most of Pregnant women get worried that their stretch marks will never get healed which is not true at all.

Below are the ways and tips you can use to treat pregnancy stretch marks completely:

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Ø Using Natural Oils

Ø Cocoa Butter

Ø Aloe Vera

Ø Petroleum Jelly

Ø Coffee Beans

Let start with the first one:

1. Using Natural Oils

What you have to do

Prepare a DIY moisturizer through mixing some drops of your favorite critical oils with carrier oil. A few recommended combinations are:


Almond oil or coconut oil with grape seed and rosehip oils

Castor oil or jojoba oil with night primrose, hemp seed, and lavender vital oils

Rubdown the affected region with this oil for a couple of minutes.

Leave the oil on for so long as viable.

You may intensify the impact of the oils by wrapping the region in plastic sheets (e.g. kiln wrap) and region a warm water bottle over it for a few minutes.

How does this work

The oil massage will keep the skin moisturized, which will increase its elasticity and allows healing scars quickly. The provider oils provide nourishment and hydration, while the important oils provide antioxidants and recuperation compounds (1). The damage caused due to the stretching may be reversed if this remedy is used two times a day without fail.

2. Cocoa Butter

Things you will need

Natural cocoa butter or shea butter

What you need to do

Massage the affected region (like your tummy, chest, and thighs) with natural cocoa butter. You can also use shea butter.

How regularly you have to do this

Reapply either of the body butters two times a day.

How does this work

Both cocoa butter and shea butter are wealthy sources of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids which can be easily absorbed into the skin. They hydrate the pores and skin and fill up the pores and skin cells. Shea butter incorporates vitamins A and E as well, which enhance the elasticity of the skin and prevent dryness. A combination of these butters also works well for pregnancy stretch marks.

3. Aloe Vera

You will need

An aloe Vera leaf

What you have to do

Cut the aloe leaf and extract the gel.

Apply it to the affected region and massage until its miles absorbed into the skin.

Do not rinse it away.

How often you need to try this

This remedy should be used two times a day.

Why This Works

This is one of the best natural methods to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Aloe Vera gel promotes healing and shows visible results in a few days. It additionally soothes the pores and skin and keeps it hydrated but, this treatment works for early-stage stretch marks only.

4. Petroleum Jelly

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You may want

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline

What you have to do

Observe the petroleum jelly on the stretch marks and massage for 5-10 minutes.

How regularly you ought to try this

Do this each night earlier than going to bed.

How does this work

Petroleum jelly is an occlusive agent, which means that it locks in moisture in the skin. This heals dry and stretched skin

5. Coffee Beans

You will need

1/2 cup ground coffee beans

2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil

What you have to do

Mix the coffee grounds and oil.

Use this mixture as a scrub on the affected areas. Rubdown lightly in round motions for best effects.

Leave the scrub on for 5 mines and then rinse with water.

How frequently you should do this

The espresso beans scrub can be used 2-three times every week.

How does this work

The caffeine from the coffee grounds can easily penetrate your skin and revitalize the skin cells through stimulating movement. This, in conjunction with the olive oil, ensures that plenty of nourishment is supplied to the affected area to heal the stretch marks. Coffee also contains antioxidants that reverse the harm and offer photo protection

6. Black Tea massage

Being loaded with diet B, C, E, magnesium, zinc, and potassium, black tea provides nourishments to your skin and enhances the skin tone. Except, its vitamin B12 enables to regulate pigment formation of the pores and skin, thereby protecting you from pregnancy stretch marks. For this treatment, boil black tea (2 tablespoons) with water (1/2 cup) for 2 mins. Leave this technique to quiet down after which, apply it on the pregnancy stretch marks. Let it stay for 20 to half-hour and ultimately, use warm water to wash the pores and skin. For brief results, repeat the process every day.

7. Black Tea massage

Lemon Juice remedy

Lemon juice enables to decrease stretch marks very effectively because it’s far acidic in nature. Further, it has the power to boom collagen production due to its diet C and alpha hydroxyl acids. Regular application will assist you remove the dead skin and stretch marks progressively. For this treatment, take a lemon and cut it into halves. Later take a half of lemon piece and slightly rub over your problem area for the duration of five mines. Let it remain to your skin for about 15 mins and later on, rinse off using warm water. You may completely lessen pregnancy stretch marks by repeating this remedy 3 times per day.

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