pharmaceutics Latin terms and abbreviations

pharmaceutics Latin terms and abbreviations

These latin will assist student’s ability to write well and impress prescription . Thus, here is a list of some Latin phrases that student should try to use and commit to memorize. Latin is more than a dead language; it is access to a better understanding to terms that are used in daily academics.

Latin terms and abbreviations used in prescriptions:-

Latin Abbreviation English
Recipe  Rx Take
Ante cibum a.c. Before food
Post cibum p.c After food
Inter cibos i.c. Between meals
Ante meridien a.m. Before noon
Post meridiem p.m. Afternoon
Aqua Aq. Water
Destillatus Dest. Distilled
Ex aqua Ex.eq. In water
Concentratus Conc. Concentrated
Dilutus Dil. Diluted
Semisse ss. Half
Hora h. At the hour of
Hora sommi h.s. At bedtime
Mane m. In the morning
Nocte n. At night
Nomen proprium m. Night and morning
Omni die o.d. Every day
Omni mane o.m. Every morning
Omni nocte o.n. Every night
Si opus sit s.o.s. If necessary
Pro re nata p.r.n. When required
Bis die b.i.d. or b.d Twice daily
Ter de die  t.d.d.   or   t.d.s. To taken 3 times daily
Quarter die  q.d.s To be taken 4 times 
Quaquue qq. Every
Quaque hora qq.h. Every hour
Quantum sufficiat q.s. Sufficient
Fiat Ft. Let it be made
Signa Sig. Label
Compositus Co. Compound
Mitte Mitt. Send
Misce m. Mix,let it be mixed
Misce fiat mistura m.ft.m. Mix to make a mixture
Divide div. Divide
Dosis Dos. Dose
tsp teaspoonful
Statim Stat Immediately
Cum c. With
Dexter Dext. Right
Laevus Laev. Left
Auri Auri To the ear
linimentum lin liniment
liquor liq solution
lot.  lotion
Pulv. powder
capsula cap., caps. capsule
cr., crm  cream
elix. elixir
emulsum emuls. emulsion
gutta(e) gtt(s) drop(s)
injectio inj. injection
suppositorium supp suppository
susp suspension
syrupus syr syrup
Taletta. tab tablet

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