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List of signs and Symptoms of cancer and types of cancer


Signs – is a signal that can be seen by someone example fever, fast breathing

Symptoms – is a signal that is felt or noticed by the person who has it but may not be easily seen by anyone else example weakeness, headache, pain 

Here are the list & symptoms of cancer 

Though cancer does not show this sign snd symptoms in early stages.
  1. Unexplained weight loss – most of people with cancer of pancrease, stomach, esophagus (swallowing tube ) or lungs may experience weigh loss
  2. Fever – people with cancer that has spread from where it started may experience fever from time to time since their immune is starting to suppress.
  3. Fatigue – This is tiredness that does not end up after Relaxing and this happen to people when cancer is on it early stages like cancer of colon or stomach.
Top 20 Types of cancer 
  1. Bladder cancer 
  2. Brain cancer 
  3. Breast cancer 
  4. Cervical cancer
  5. Colorectal cancer
  6. Esophagus cancer
  7. Kidney cancer
  8. Leukemia cancer
  9. Liver cancer 
  10. Lung cancer
  11. Melanoma cancer
  12. Non-Hodgkin
  13. Lymphoma
  14. Ovarian cancer
  15. Pancreatic cancer
  16. Prostate cancer
  17. Skin cancer
  18. Thyroid cancer
  19. Urine
  20. Stomach

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