How to Get Rid of/ remove black skin/ Dark skin underarm


How to get Rid of Dark skin underarm 

When it comes to Dark skin underarm some people thinks this are things are not supposed to be talked or shared.

While others believe Dark underarms are caused by medical conditions, this might be true but…..,others think are caused due to poor hygiene and this can also be the cause. Though this all can be the csse, but in most cases this dark skin are caused by Antiperspirants excessive, poor shaving methods, use of hair creams and dead skins.

Then if you are a victim of this Dark underarms here are Tips or ways you can do to Get rid of it.


  1. Orange peel.Dry orange peels till they are completely dry. Grid them into powder, then take two to three tea spoons of gridded orange peels and mix them with milk and rose water to make a thin paste like.After that take the paste and scrub Gently to your underarm and leave it for more than 7 minutes.
  2. Coconut Oil.  Take coconut oil and apply it on your Dark underarm and leave it for more than 10 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water and mild soap. Do this thrice a day until you get Desired Results.
  3. Cucumber.  Slice cucumber into small pieces. Then take one piece after another and rub it on the dark underarm. Repeat this two times a day until you get desired results.
  4. Lemon. Take and Rub lemon wedge on the Dark underarms and leave it for not less than 10 minutes and wash it off. Do this for some weeks.              
  5. Potato–  slice potato into slice and take one piece after another and Rub it on the dark underarms and leav it for more than 10 more minutes before washing it off. Do this twice a day for better and faster results.

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