How Foods, Fruits and natural ways could make you light skinned

How Foods, Fruits and many other natural ways could make you light skinned:

How Foods, Fruits and many other natural ways could make you light skinned:

The argument of who between the light skinned and the dark skinned people are more attractive has actually failed in fetching a perfect answer. I think the answer rests in your mind and whatever you believe should be the perfect answer and should never by shadowed by anyone’s else opinions,  after all they are just mere opinions so why rest your feelings on buying such suggestions,( as what a very close friend, Lloyd Nzai) best puts it.

If you prefer being a dark skinned person then well and good but if you prefer being light skinned then all the best.

What worries me though is how you adore the brown color so much that you decide to go on and use some bleaching agents that will end up hurting you or giving you a very different result from the one you had expected. Below are some of the natural and safest ways to make your skin lighter.

  • Using Lemon juice. Usually it is a common and equally widely used bleaching agent or lightening agent, used to lighten the color of the hair and even when washing clothes it can be used as a bleaching alternative by having it applied to on the spots that you want to bleach and after sometimes it will work. Naturally, lemon juice has citric acid that is harsh and does not relate well with the skin and it can most likely irritate your skin, so if you are planning to use lemon juice as your bleaching agent then you should always consider diluting the citric acid by mixing the lemon juice with either yogurt or even honey, you can also mix it with water. Although it works, you should also be ready to face the fact that different people react differently when exposed to such reactants so there is no specific way that is guaranteed to make it work faster. Lemmon juice should not be applied to areas that have cuts or have just been shaved.
  • Using plain yogurt to bleach you. Make sure that what you are going to use is plain yogurt and not flavored yogurt in bleaching your skin. Plain yogurt has lactic acid that moisturizes, zinc that combats sun burn and active cultures that attack harmful bacteria and fungi, all in all it should be understood that yogurt is a very slow bleaching agent so if you are looking forward in seeing some results in a short while then you should not try this although it is natural and safe it is also slow.
  • Washing and exfoliating your skin. By washing and exfoliating your skin often you remove the outer layer of the skin that is darkened by the sun. But also be warned that over-exfoliating your skin will eventually interfere with the production of oil in your skin which leads to greasiness in your skin. Honey does not only makes your skin soft but it also doubles up as an antibacterial agent this makes a mixture of brown sugar and honey as the most suitable exfoliating agent.
  • Staying out of the sun. The sun is responsible for making our skin dark beyond the hereditary factors. The sun rays darkens our skin, it is a natural response of the body to produce more melanin when exposed to sun rays. If you have to be out there then make sure you are wearing a hat and a pair of sun glasses. Don’t be deceived by the cloud because up to 85% of the sun rays can pass through the clouds. Most people think that because it is cloudy then there should be no need of wearing sunglasses or a hat.


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