Early signs and symptoms you are pregnant

First signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Even though ultrasound and pregnancy test are the only ways that can be used to confirm you are pregnant, there are other means that can be used to showing whether you are pregnant and signs and symptoms are one them.

Signs and symptoms can be used to know whether you are pregnant in your first few weeks of pregnancy without having to visit a Doctor.

Even though most of women know they are pregnant if they miss their period, this might be misreading since sometimes period may be affected by Natural changes.
That why we have prepared a check list for signs and symptoms that most women may experience in their first weeks after conception.

But also be aware that pregnancy symptoms may also vary interns of duration, frequency and intensity. So the following sign and symptoms are just but a Guideline.

Signs and symptoms

1. Swollen and Tender Breast.

Your Breast are one of the best parts of your body that provide good signs and symptoms of pregnancy, which maybe revealed in the first two weeks after conception, since hormonal variations may affect your breast tender or sore.
Other than that your breast may become heavier and fuller.

2. Headaches
When you become pregnant there many changes that take place in your body and hormonal change is one of them, which may cause gentle or frequent headache.


You may experience constipation due to progesterone increase in your body which causes food to be digested slowly thanusual.
Hence constipation is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

4. Mood Swings.

Due to increase of hormones in your body, in early pregnancy this may cause lachrymose and emotional changes, hence mood swings is one of the early pregnancy symptoms especially in the first 6 weeks.

5 Fatigue and Tiredness.

Fatigue is another early symptoms of pregnancy as the level of progesterone increases in your body which makes you feel tired and sleepy.
This fatigue may develop in the first 4 week to 5 Weeks, though it can develop at anytime during pregnancy period.

6 Increase in Body Temperature

 High oral temperatures may also be a sign of pregnancy, especially when you wake up in the morning.
This is because the Ovulation remains at the same level until the next period, also this occurs in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.

7. High rate of heart beat.

After 8 weeks  to 10 weeks of pregnancy the heart may begin pumping or beating faster and harder. This is because pregnancy is controlled and maintained by hormones.

8. Frequent  Urination

In the first 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy you may experience increase or the urge or urinating, hence this is also an early symptoms of pregnancy. And is caused by increase of blood pumping which make the kidney to process more fluid.

9. Slight Bleeding or Cramping

In most cases small amount of vaginal bleeding is one of the early signs of pregnancy and is called Implantation bleeding.
This happen when the fertilised egg attaches itself in the wall of uterus.

10. Missed period

The most and popular early symptoms of pregnancy is when someone misses her period.
As this might be the case that why most of women go ahead to find more details about pregnancy signs and symptoms.

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11. Pregnancy Growth occurs in 12 weeks.
12. Noticeable weight Gain usually 11 weeks after conception.
13. Acne also occurs at 11 weeks after conception.
14. High blood pressure occurs at 8 week after fertilisation.
15. Morning sickness usually occurs at 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.
16. Nausea also occurs at 4 to 6 weeks after conception.
17. Bloating occurs at 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.
18. Food Aversions or craving
19. Heartburn.

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