Check whether you can get heart attack |Description|signs and symptoms| types of heart attack

Definition of heart attack

Heart attack occurs when one or more of coronary arteries suddenly become blocked.
So heart attack is not one day disease but the condition develops over time,where by the coronary arteries narrows down due to decomposition of substances on it which include cholesterol.

In other words it happens if the oxygen to the heart in some section is cut or become blocked and the heart can not receive oxygen on that section

Most of Heart attacks are as a Result of coronary Heart Disease.

Coronary Heart Disease  – is a condition in which the plugue build up inside the coronary arteries.
Eventually the plague can rupture and form a blood clot, If the clot is large it can completely block the flow of blood through the coronary.

Another cause of heart attack is called Spasm of a coronary artery that shuts down blood flow to the part of the heart muscles.

Having known that spasm can cause heart attack let us look at what may cause spasm…..

  1. Taking certain drugs such as cocaine.
  2. Emotional stress/pain.
  3. Smoking cigarette.
  4. Extreme cold.

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