Best Breastfeeding Positions – how should you do it

In most cases Breastfeeding is considered as a very simple thing, but breastfeeding is not a simple task as people think, as when a mother does not properly breastfeed the milk does not come out easily and the becomes mother tired as a long-term breastfeeding. That why we decided to share some of the best position for breast feed as you may be doing it wrongly and they will help most of  mothers who are breastfeeding do it easily and comfortably.

For new mothers Breastfeeding is considered to be challenging. Many mothers feel helpless and discouraged as they experience neck pain while breastfeeding. All of them are due to breastfeeding mothers so you need to change immediately.

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Posture of 45 degrees

Best Breastfeeding Positions


According to experts this position has been proven that 45-degree position, which is very comfortable position. In this position the mother can lie anywhere she feel likes and place her face down on her chest then she will use her arms to hold her breast.

Holding the ball position


Posture of 45 degreesFor newborns this posture is highly recommended.  As similar as holding the ball she will put the baby on one side with one arm while the other one adjust the breast to breastfeed.

The position of one sideHolding the ball position


According to mothers, this posture is considered most comfortable when you can put a pillow or towel behind your back to support your baby. Then she lined up to breastfeed. In this position, mother will be completely rested. But if you need to adjust the amount of milk to breastfeed the mother should stop breastfeeding is not very easy to choke.

Cross cradle posture

The position of one side

With this posture you need to prepare a pillow on your heart. After that, she placed her baby on her soft pillow. You put your baby’s face against the breast and start sucking. It can be said that this position is very convenient mother will not have to use the force of the baby support that has pillow lo. Two hands free mother will be able to use it adjustment to fit the breast better. Mama also limited neck headache due to breastfeeding for too long.


Posture for baby koala bear type

If you have ever seen Koala bears, then surely you will understand this posture. Now she put her baby sit straight face you then knees with two arms embrace the body and let the baby hold his mother breast feeding. However, this position is only applicable when the baby has stiff neck. This means that from 3 to 4 months, the mother can apply this to safeguard the baby’s skeletal system.

It can be said that mothers who have just given birth often or very groggy in the nursing and child care. The above sharing of our hope will help the mother more experience.


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