Back Strain and SprainPulled Muscle and Lower Back Strain causes & treatment

How to brave the grueling back pains painlessly. The Sprains and strains/ The Lower Back Pain;

Numerous activities that we do day-in day-out contribute in one way or another in making us experience back pains especially at the lower part of your body. Usually these pains are caused by muscles that are over stretched/ pulled. Usually we experience these pains when lifting heavy loads, a sudden movement or a twist at the spine especially those involved in playing golf, having a poor posture at the back or injury either caused by accident but most commonly caused by sports. Thinking that our bodies are programmed to such strains and sprain every time we do such activities, we generally accept it and move on, but there are a number of things we can do to prevent or treat such disorders. A sprain at the lower part of the back can either happen suddenly or slowly develop from repetitive movements. Although, they do not last for a long time, the acute pain can be severe. Soft tissue injuries are the most common cause of pain experienced in the lower back region, they include damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of nerve roots and improper movement of the spinal joints. Even though damage to the soft tissues is the most common cause, damage to the muscle and ligaments (pulled muscle and ligaments) stands out to be the most likely common cause of sprains at the lower part of the back. When a muscle is pulled or stretched too much and it tears then strain occurs, while sprain takes place when a ligament is stretched or pulled too much and it tears. Both sprain and strain are back pains. So in all that you do make sure you do it perfectly well to avoid over stretching of either the muscle or ligaments to be on the safe side of your spinal health. Different types of things we do expose us to such risks including; • Lifting an overweight load or twisting the spine in the process of lifting the load. • Any activity that will eventually let you apply too much stress on the lower back. • Poor posture. • Injuries whether caused by sports or accidents. Treatment or Prevention methods Unlike the thoughts of many that these strains and sprains cannot be prevented, actually with proper knowledge we are able to avoid the strains and sprains with much ease. Among the ways suggested of dealing with sprains and strains is to stretch and make your core muscles stronger. Train your core muscles to be engaged, this can be achieved through exercising your core muscles, stretching them every day in order to achieve the strength necessary to lift loads, bend the spine and do other numerous things with much ease. We cannot overlook the fact that most of our activities or work is done while at the comfort zone of our chairs. But with this we must also appreciate that the more you sit the higher you increase your chances of experiencing sprains and strains. Your discs are spongy and cushion the vertebrae in your spine, and since the discs have a poor supply of blood it needs you to move in order to circulate the fluid through the disc. So while sitting the fluid does not circulate and thus you are minimizing the nutrients supply in the disc thus it will eventually lead to stress in the back. Unlike while walking, the fluid circulates through the disc thus supplying the disc with the required amount of nutrients.

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