Atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart attack.

Atherosclerosis is the main cause of heart attack.
Once in a while we find ourselves engaged in conversation discussing about someone we knew, suffered from a severe heart attack that led to his or her death. The conversation makes you so anxious and makes you wonder is it what you do or what you do not do that makes you prone to search an attack. Heart attack is all about stopping what you are doing and doing what you are not doing to stay safe, do not misunderstand however when I say this but I am saying it simply because most of the things that most people do are what exposes us the most to the risk of getting an heart attack, or rather most of the things that we don’t do also makes us exposed towards heart attack. Knowing what to do and what to not do is important.
Heart attack can also be referred to as myocardial infraction, cardiac infraction and coronary thrombosis. An infraction simply means that the blood supply to an area is cut off and that the tissue in that given area dies.
Heart attack happens as a result of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), for a heart muscle to function normally it has to be supplied with blood that is rich in oxygen but when there is poor flow of blood that is rich in oxygen to a section of the heart muscle because it has been blocked and the heart cannot get oxygen, then heart attack takes place.
Coronary Heart Disease is a condition whereby a substance that is waxy, also known as plaque builds up on the inside part of the coronary artery. Atherosclerosisis when the waxy substance/ the plaque builds up in the coronary artery thus making it the main cause of myocardial infraction, it is not something that will just develop under one day but it will take a lot of time for a plaque to accumulate in the coronary artery.
Eventually an area that plaque has accumulated can bust or break open inside an artery, but the blood through its own clotting mechanism allows blood to clot on the surface of the plaque. When a clot is formed on the plaque’s surface becomes big enough it can lead to complete blockage of blood flow through a coronary artery.
If the blockage is not treated quickly then the part of the heart muscle that was fed with blood rich in oxygen by the coronary artery begins to die. The heart tissue that is healthy is replaced with scare tissue, although the damage of the heart may not be obvious, it may cause long lasting complications.
Arteries that are not affected by the atherosclerosis are not 100% secure, there is a coronary artery spasm. Even though it is not a very common cause it also causes heart attack. It is the tightening of a coronary artery, what causes it is still not very clear but it can be related to:
·       Taking drugs such as cocaine.
·       Emotional stress.
·       Smoking of cigarette.
·       Exposure to extreme cold.
All of the above are behaviors that could increase your risk of having a heart attack, these are the exact things that we should avoid and the one thing that we should embrace is having exercise.
Some of the symptoms may include:
·       Vomiting
·       Nausea
·       Crushing chest
·       Coughing
·       Shortness of breathe



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