Are you experience Anxiety |Description| |signs |symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety –  is a feeling of worry,nervousness about an imminet event or something of uncertain outcome.
Causes of Anxiety
  1. Family history of mental health Condition – some people experience anxiety condition may have a genetic predisposition toward anxiety.
  2. Personality – Research suggests that people with certain personality traits are more likely to have anxiety.
  3. On going stressful event – anxiety may   develop due to one or more stressful life event.
  4. Physical Health Condition – some people may experience anxiety because they are worried of their disease of their sickness that they have.


Signs and symptoms of Anxiety
  1. Physicsl – panic attack, hot, cold flashes and Racing heat.
  2. Psychology symtops – excessive fear, worry and obsessive Rinking.


Types of Anxiety
  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder – A person feels anxious of things on most day, worry about things for different and longtime.
  2. Social Phobia – A person has intensive fear of things like criticism,Ambarrass .
  3. Specific Phobia – A person feels fearful to particular objects.
  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – A person who has on going and Unwanted thoughts and fear may experience anxiety.
  5. Post Traumatic stress Order – some people may experience anxiety if they are worried about something will happen again example post violence or fight.


Treatment of Anxiety
1. Psychological Treatment – it involves working with a professional by indentfying thoughts and behaviour that are causing anxiety.
2. Behavior Therapy – it focuses on activities that are rewarding and peasants to reverse the pattern of avoiding and worrying that make anxiety worse.
Medical Treatment
  1. Antidepressants medication – some types of antidepressants can help people to manage anxiety example : serotonin, Noradrenalin, Dopomins are antidepressants designed to reduce and correct chemical imbalance.
  2. Benzodigsepins/Minor Trianguillizer and sleeping pills ,Valium/ diasepers.

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