One of the most common questions that I am getting asked by ladies completing my workout routines is what sporting activities they ought to do to assist target their butt! What you may not know is that sincerely every leg workout, whether that be a squat or lunge or a variation of these, requires a few work to be done by your butt muscles.

However how many times have you carried out a leg (or butt) specific workout only to wake up the next day with sore quads and hamstrings, and your butt feels as though it hasn’t done an aspect? today I’m going to talk approximately what might be causing this and what you can do to ensure you’re getting a butt-burning workout!

One of the problems that we are facing in this point in time is that we are becoming more and more sedentary. This basically way we’re spending less time moving around and more time sitting. Helllooooo office jobs! In addition to making it an awful lot simpler for us to advantage weight, it may certainly motive our gluteals (or “glutes”) to emerge as “underactive”, which basically way that they’re much less lively than what they have to be.

Why is this a problem?

Our glutes are a completely important muscle group due to the fact they help manage a number of movements performed by our lower body and also assist to maintain right posture. while our glutes are not working like they should be, it is able to cause different muscles to start taking on extra load, which might also cause problems with our posture, muscle pain, and doubtlessly increase our chances of harm. It can also explain why our glutes don’t usually pull up as sore after a leg work out!

One way that we can help increase the amount of work done by our glute muscles is by doing glute activation exercises before we begin our workout.

As you know, one of the functions of a heat up is to increase “muscle firing”, which is basically our brain telling our muscle tissues to wake up and get equipped to exercise. Glute activation exercises are much like a warm up, except that they’re focussed in particular on waking up your glute muscles.

right here of three exercises that you could use to help you get your glutes firing and allow you to get the most out of your next leg or butt workout!

  1. Hip ExtensionImage result for Hip Extension gif

Begin on all fours, making sure that your wrists are directly below your shoulders and your knees directly beneath your hips. whilst keeping your hips as strong as possible, straighten your right leg behind you and lift it as high as you can earlier than slowly decreasing it and returning to all fours.

Complete 15 repetitions on one side earlier than switching facets and completing another 15 repetitions.

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Tip: whilst you are trying to extend your leg as high as you may, it’s far important that you do no longer arch you’re again. Remember, you are attempting to ensure that your glutes are doing all the work! You can also make this workout less difficult by keeping your proper leg bent as opposed to straightening it.

Single leg Glute Bridge

  1. Single Leg Gluten BridgeImage result for Single Leg Glute Bridge gif

Start by lying on your again with your hands by your sides, legs bent and feet positioned firmly on the floor. Carefully lift your right leg off the ground.

While keeping your hips as stable as possible, squeeze your gluts and slowly raise your hips off of the ground, resting for your upper back. Slowly decrease your hips and repeat until you have completed 15 repetitions.

Tip: you can make this workout easier via placing both feet on the floor instead of just one.


  1. ClamshellImage result for Clamshell gif

Start via mendacity on your right facet with your legs barely bent and resting on top of each other. You can both rest your head to your arm or prop your head onto your proper hand if this is more comfortable.

Preserving your feet collectively, gently increase your left knee off of your proper. When you cannot lift your left knee anymore without separating your feet, slowly lower it to bring your knees together again.

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Whole 15 repetitions on one facet before switching aspects and completing another 15 repetitions.

Whole each of these exercises again before starting your exercise and feel the difference!

The key aspect to remember when focusing on each of these exercises is technique. Don’t try and push thru the reps as rapid as you can. Instead focus on activating your gluts efficaciously. These “heat up” exercises need to increase the quantity of labor done through your gluts during exercises such as squats, lunges and even sprints. As soon as you’ve got them down pat, you may find that you are able to set off those muscles without you even thinking about it!

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